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Business Intelligence (BI)

SON`s Business Intelligence (BI) offers a much faster, most comprehensive, integrated reporting and analysis features and easier way of creating stunning interactive dashboards, without coding, using skills you already have in your team to provide answers to the questions that really matter to your business. Our executive dashboards provide a visual representation that gives executives a quick and easy way to view their company’s performance in real-time.

Explore all your data. Discover new patterns. Create rich visuals and share insights


Advantages of SON’s BI solutions

  1. cost reduction and value creation
  2. speed boost Reports
  3. increase the accuracy of the information provided
  4. If the stability of the system logs the data source
  5. flexibility to produce a variety of reports about users needs
  6. Identification of new operational software requirements and deploy systems
  7. Integration and increase access to reports and analyzes of the same security
  8. reduce costs through the elimination of human factors in the production of information across the organization and creating value by obtaining timely and appropriate information.