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Geo BI

Many decisions should be based on regional data and analysis. Therefore, most organizations require GIS to plan for better data processing.
Space is a key dimension in the analysis required by managers, but it loses the advantage of not having BI systems and GIS systems at the same time.


Geo + BI = Geo BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is referred to as the process of converting raw data into business and management information, helping administrators to make their decisions faster and better and, based on correct information, show their true performance and measurements. It can simplify data exploration and analysis.
Space business intelligence is a process that, based on the analysis of spatial information on a map, has the capacity to organize and comprehend comprehension through the use of intrinsic spatial relationships in all information, and by combining spatial and other organizational information, it is possible to achieve results Such as better decision making, optimization and streamlining of important and functional processes as well as improved performance. This new approach brings decision making to overcome GIS barriers and business information. The goal is to get business data available based on spatial data (spatial intelligence)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) do not have analytical features and are still far from integrated applications, manipulation and visualization of business applications. Location data programs allow the organization to dramatically improve the quality of data analysis based on geographic dimensions, usually found in the organization’s databases. Business intelligence based on spatial data (spatial business intelligence) include

  • Planning based on location
  • Investment based on location
  • Manage plans based on location
  • Manage services based on location
  • Performing construction projects based on location

Due to the extensive experience in the field of business intelligence and the service and infrastructure of the map (map.ir), SON corporate group is able to investigate using the various databases and map-based map of the city, the country and the analysis of geographical information and its integration with the organization’s information. Enables any kind of organizational activity to increase its success.